Fraud Examination Professional Certification

Fraud Examination Professional certification

The Fraud Examination Professional (FEP) certification provides specialist level expertise in Fraud risk assessment, detection and investigation.

Duration: 12 Months
Eligibility: Graduate from any field
Admission: latest by 30th SEP 2018
Batch Starts: 1st OCT 2018
Exam: Online at any time
Certification Fees: Rs. 5,700 (students) / Rs. 11,200 (others)

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An introduction to corporate fraud

One of the earliest recorded instances of corporate fraud was the failure of the Medici Bank in 1494. The bank went insolvent due to excessive spending and extravagant lifestyle of the owners, and failure to control the managers.

More than 500 years later, the instances of corporate fraud continue. Whether it is Enron or Satyam or the Nirav Modi scam, the money involved in corporate frauds is enormous.

Gujarat Forensic Sciences University

Gujarat Forensic Sciences University (GFSU) is established by the Government of Gujarat, under the flagship of the Home Department - Government of Gujarat through an Act: No. 17, passed by the Gujarat State Legislative Assembly, dated the 30th of September 2008.

The University is headed by its Director General Dr. J. M. Vyas (M.Sc., Ph.D., LL.B.). Dr. Mohinder Singh Dahiya (M.Sc., Ph.D.) is the Director for the Institute of Forensic Science, Gujarat Forensic Sciences University.

The university has been granted recognition by the University Grants Commission wide its letter no. F.9-7/2011 (CPP-I/PU) dated 16th May 2011.